Monday, November 9, 2009

Jude Peter

Jude Peter(originally going to be Shooter!!)

Jude is my smallest child. He has been about 2-3 pounds lighter than the rest of the babies for some time now. It took awhile the Dr. and I to realize that Jude needed to be on 'special' formula. (neocate). After the switch in formulas, he has been gaining more and seems to be a lot less fussy.

After taking a look at the pictures, you will notice that Jude looks completely different than the rest of the babies. DARK hair, DARK eyes, and a more yellow complexion. He has the LONGEST, most AMAZING eyelashes ever. When he looks up at you, they almost hit his eyebrow. Lucky boy! I'm sure his sisters will be envious!!

We call Jude the 'running man'. I have never seen a child move the way this kid does. Whether he be eating, in an exersaucer, or on the floor, his legs are MOVING. RUN JUDE, RUN!!!

I will say this about Jude- for the most part he is a content child. But, when he is hungry or needs to be changed, he SCREAMS. Blood-curdling SCREAMS~ until his issue is resolved. He's something else.

Jude in the swing

Jude in crawling mode

Jude sleeping...

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