Thursday, January 21, 2010

Random shots of Jude

Had to post these- It seems like everytime I get the camera out, Jude falls asleep or is screaming. Here are some cute ones I got of him on Christmas morning....

A Month Late....BUT better late than never!!

Quiet before the storm....

Sophia & Sadie

Sadie's Horse (Sadie said to me, you can tell Santa that my horse is my favorite present but it would have been better if it was real like I asked.) Gotta love her.



Jude and eyelashes his sisters are going to want to kill him for!


My attempt at a shot of them all....

And again-

Last one- Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Babies 8 Months Photos

So late. They're already 9 1/2 months. I need to get their 9 month pictures up and will have to take their 10 month shots soon. I also need to add photos of Jude to this... will do soon!!

Here are some CUTE shots I got of Ruby & Saoirse. Saoirse is SUPER serious and you have to work to get her to smile.... and Ruby. Oh Ruby. Everytime a camera comes ANYWHERE near her, she makes these faces. :)

Rubys eyes and Saoirse's almost smile

Saoirse's Smile

Ruby and her crazy eyes.

Gunner- happy boy all the time.

Sophia's 8th Birthday Party

Sophia turned 8 on December 2nd and we had her birthday party at Star Cinema Grill on December 12th. Here theme this year was The Princess and the Frog and we had 20 little girls come to the movie theater and see the movie. It was really cute and this theater serves food so as they watched, they ate their lunch. Very cute. She had a blast. One of my girlfriends had a cupcake company, Cupcake Couture, and she made the cupcakes- they looked like popcorn!!


The cupcakes!!

Sophia and her friends....

We took up two entire rows at the theater!

The girls!

Festival of Lights- Moody Gardens

Sorry I have not updated this blog in AGES!!!! I'm going to now do a frenzy of blog posts....

We took the kids the week before x-mas to the festival of lights. They had a blast!!

Sadie & Sophia getting ready to see the Polar Express 4D!

A HOT MESS. Poor Santa.

Sophia, Sadie, and cousins Haley & Colby

Sophia holding Ruby and Sadie

Gunner & Saoirse

Jude... he slept through most of it!!